Today we are introducing 5 simple ways to quickly improve the quality of taking pictures. Of course, we can remove most of our mistakes by using an appropriate software, but who would find time for that. We will show you, how to take good picture by focusing on making a good composition. Let’s begin.


Imagine, you are looking at a framed painting. Looking at it, apart from the main object, the central point, you see the background and other elements painted on the canvas, between the frames. Photography is the same, you takr a picture and frame it at the same time. This is why, don’t focus solely on a person or an object, which is the main subject. Look around to check what else will appear within the frames of your picture. Maybe there is a plastic bag lying 3 meters away, which you haven’t notice before? Or maybe there is a recycling container looming from the top right corner? Look, suddenly someone else walked into the frame and is ruining the whole composition. Observation goes hand in hand with photography. Keep your eyes wide open.


If you checked, that there are only desired people and objects within the frame, it’s time to pay attention to the central point. Look at the head of a model and see what’s above. Is there a lamp growing on the top of someone’s head? Any chimney or a tree? Look at the colours of the background and how it matches with the clothes, that your model is wearing. If you are taking a picture of someone visiting a beautiful castle, think of how the building fills the background. Does it spread over the whole picture or only half of it, or maybe you can’t see anything but the visitor. Take a moment and decide about what you’d like to expose more.



Our eye automatically follows from the left boat in the front to the one in the background. But because the second one is cut, the whole picture is misleading. We don’t know what to focus on. Taking a picture of one boat only or moving the camera to the right would have given better results.


Have a proper look at a person, you are taking a picture of. After you checked the surroundings, now it’s time for all the details related to the main subject. Maybe your model is holding a plastic bag, which clashes with the picturesque landscape? Is your model wearing a hat, which is covering half of their face? Does the hair look ok? Take a note of the clothes, a bag for example might fold a shirt or twist a skirt. Scan for those details for few seconds, and a photographed friend will be grateful for sure.


A tree growing out from back, a jacket asking for too much attention, cut lake…

Horizon and lines

One of the most important rules of a good capture is the rule of horizontal lines. What does it mean? Imagine you are shooting a sunset or some amazing clouds over the ocean. In the distance, the ocean meets the sky, drawing a line, which in your picture should be horizontal. If the horizon line is falling down towards left or right edge, you will get a chaotic and disturbing shot. Turn on the grid on your camera screen to make it easier, especially when the lines are less visible than a horizon. When taking pictures in the closed surrounding, the lines which are to be considered, are usually the edges of the furnitures, a point when the walls are meeting a ceiling, floor planks or a carpet. Those invisible lines should be horizontal, parallel to the top and bottom edge of your picture.



On the left, the rail beams are not parallel to the edge of the picture. It gives an impression as if the picture was moving. On the right, the beams are straight and parallel to the edge. It gives the effect of calm and balance.


In the age of selfie, it is worth adding few tips about taking better pictures of ourselves. To start with, a selfie taken from the top is not a good idea. Holding a mobile on your face level will bring much better effects. Don’t hold your arm or a selfie stick up, above your head. You don’t hold a camera half meter above your friend’s head when you take a picture of them, why doing it with selfie? As we mentioned before, pay attention to the background, and check what else will be on the picture. Try to have a natural and relaxed face. Making a duck face, or pretending a gangster is rarely pretty. You are beautiful and cool without it.

The above given tips are the basic photography rules. All the rest is a matter of good camera, filters, lights, technical aspects and talent. We suggest starting with those easy steps and dive deeper into more technical secrets later on.

It’s worth to remember that, in photography, like in other disciplines, practise makes a master. The more often you shoot and pay attention to different components, the better pictures you get. You don’t have to be away to practise good compositions. Take pictures during walks, local events, meeting with friends. Look for inspirations around you.

We encourage you to photograph and share comments with us.


Wrocław cycling lines

Some lines can’t be straighten…