„One more week and I’m finally going on holidays! – you are happy and a little worried. You have so much to do at the moment, as you are covering for Maria and Tom. „How will I finish all the tasks in those few days?” – you start to panic. You don’t know how you did it, but you managed to close everything off and survive till your days off. You are relaxing, enjoying every day, being lazy by the beach or actively experiencing new adventures. You are thinking about work from time to time, wondering if you finished everything. Sometimes you are worrying about how many tasks will be waiting for you when you come back. Apart from those uncomfortable thoughts, you are trying to relax and forget about work. Before you notice, your days off are gone. Back to work and stress.

You can find a lot about pre- and post- holiday stress. However, we want to write about the positive and inspiring topics. This is why today, we are giving you 10 tested ways, which will help you to refresh memories, bring the positive energy back and to continue a wonderful summer mood, even during grey autumn days.

Summer seasonal fruits

Be active!

Make a use of the summer energy, start to move and the body will be energized when you get back to work. We won’t write about the benefits of doing sports as we assume, you know them very well. Sure thing about sports, it gives you energy, boosts your mood and brings satisfaction. When you need additional motivation or some tips, visit our Yoga and Fitness Board on Pinterest. Don’t wait for the winter, put your shoes on and run or cycle to the park.

Connect with nature!

Outdoors sports shouldn’t be the only occasion to be in the nature. Walk to the park, drive to the forest or to the countryside. Escape from the noises and pollution. Sit in the garden often if you have a chance. Contact with nature has a soothing and calming effect. It helps to focus and to get away from all tasks. Connect with nature and you will keep your holiday mood and inner harmony for a long time.

Meet with people!

After many hours spent in front of PC, it’s good to get back from virtual world and meet with people. A quick coffee after work, a weekend dinner, going to the cinema together, watching a game or joining yoga class. There are many opportunities to meet with friends or family, and every, even a short face to face conversation, is worth more than hours of chatting on Whatsapp. Meetings boost your energy, inspire, develop. Get back to good old fashioned rendezvous.


In order to remain in the magic of the visited places, find time to get to know more about them. Read a related book, watch a movie or a documentary. Not only will you travel to those sites for the second time but increase your knowledge. Learning and improving your skills are great ways to stay positive. Get back to your hobby or start a new one. Enroll for a course, join a club, exercise your mind.

Discover your neighbourhood!

When are we collecting the best memories? When we discover new places and find something by ourselves. Discoveries trigger strong emotions, which stay deep in our memory. Don’t let the boredom affect you. You can break it even when you stay in the town. Put the adventurer’s invisible glasses and bring it on. Check the attractions offered by your city. See the exhibition, museums or visit a tourist sight, which others travel long distances for, and which is just around the corner. Go to a rarely visited district, turn into unknown street, enter a newly open cafe… Conquer the local world.

Be active discover your city

Edit shots!

Weeks are passing by, a month, maybe two. Long time since you came back and you pictures are still on your SD card or in your phone. Yes, editing them is something, we all seem to postpone. Making order with pictures can be time consuming but it can be fun too. Invite friends you travelled with or someone you want to share the stories with. Bring the nice moments together, enjoy the evening and choose the best shots at the same time.

Practise mindfulness!

In our last post we encouraged you to practise mindfulness during your meals. Mindfulness helps in reducing stress and controlling your thoughts. This is why we want to invite you to join this simple exercise which is bringing attention to the food. Practising this and other exercises on a regular basis will improve your stress tolerance.

Plan a voyage!

Start planning your next voyage today. Make a plan for next year’s long vacation but remember that a miniholiday can give the wings too. Whenever you have a chance, go for a short, 2-3 day long escape. You will change the surrounding, take a break, and charge your batteries inbetween long holidays. Stay tuned for city-break ideas.


Nothing boost our good mood better than music. This is why to keep your summer frame of mind listen to the positive sounds. Go to the concerts, discover new bands. Lose yourself in good vibes.


To sum up all the ideas: Don’t sit at home doing nothing, falling into apathy, act! Go out, explore and do all what brings you joy. The world is waiting with open arms.

Let the positive summer mood stay with you…