Paris is a perfect city for mindful travels. It is full of turists that’s a fact, however, if you are willing to slow down and just enjoy what surrounds you, we are sure you will love it. Paris is all about senses and feelings. It’s about being open to new experiences and emotions. Forget the stories about this city, don’t think of your expectations. Paris is just one of those cities, which you need to visit at least once and get your own idea and opinion about it. Book your flight, go, explore and find your favourite places. Until then, enjoy our photo post.

Art in all forms and shapes – in museums, galeries, on the streets


Modern art at it finest in Pompidou Centre


Neon letters are always fun to look at.


Look around and you will find incredible graffiti, murals and sticker arts.



Colours and shapes in front of the Pompidou Centre.











The art of food – when in Paris forget about your diet


Crispy, fresh and traditional french bread is something that you need to try.


Doesn’t matter the time of the day, a parisian cafe is always a great place to have something to eat.

The art of chill – stop, sit down and relax


St Louis Island – a perfect place to enjoy the breeze by the Seine

Jardin des Tuileries - there is no better place for lunch

Tuileries Gardens – green space just outside of Luvre

Business art and modern architecture


La Defence – an incredible combination of glass, concrete and open space


The art of discovery

Paris has so many fantastic places to discover. Secret gardens, passages, galeries. No matter if you are under the surface or at the top of the city, we are sure you can spot something unique.


Underground stations are full of secrets and hidden stories.


Louis Vuitton’s padlock at the top of the Eiffel Towel