I’m standing in the warm ocean water. The waves are white, angry and getting bigger. The sky is clear with some small clouds here and there.  But mostly it is pink, because there is a sun ball hanging over the horizon. The sun setting over the sea is always a spectacular view. In Fuerteventura it is intensified by the fact, that I’m almost alone on the beach and nothing is disturbing me. It is warm, pleasant, the nature smells beautifully and the views are amazing. It seems, that the only thing to do is to open up for those gifts and enjoy it with all senses. Yes, mindfulness all the way, enjoy the moment. I manage to be in this state for quite a while, without thinking, with focus on the ocean and the sun.

Stormy clouds over the ocean- Fuerteventura

Suddenly I notice, that I’m thinking about surf and regret not taking a surfboard with me. The next moment, my thoughts are surrounding my family and friends to stick with different kind of calculators at the end. Unfortunately our mind is an ocean itself. The Ocean of Thoughts. It’s nowhere to be found on the maps, it’s impossible to leave it at home, it travels with us everywhere. Sometimes you hope, that they will stop it at the boarder, or won’t allow into the plane. But no, it is with you, your best travel companion. There is only one way to escape from it, and it is mindfulness. By training often you will learn how to tame it. The waves of thoughts will slowly mellow turning into a flat surface.

Sunset, Fuerteventura, clouds, Beaty, nature

But where do I actually start this training? First of all you can start from focusing consciously on something concrete. Naturally, it’s way easier to focus on a beautiful view than on a pattern of a carpet. For this reason it’s good to train during holidays, also because you have more time. If your holiday is far away, train in the park or in the garden. For example, focus on trees and observe their multiple colours, different shapes, see how the leaves are moving on the wind. How they swish and creak. During this exercise, many unwanted thoughts will sneak into your mind, thoughts that have nothing to do with the trees. It’s is quite natural and you should not be worried about it. It is important to observe those thoughts, realize, that you don’t need them in this particular moment. The fact that you noticed them is already a good sign of being mindful. Now, just focus back on the right subject which are the trees.


I wrote about mindfulness exercise, which can be use during meals. The one given above is another, additional practice. It will give the greater results the more often you follow it. It’s not important if the progress is slow. The ocean can’t be quelled that easy. When practicing  mindfulness you will notice, that the feeling of calm and presence will appear more often in your life. Start today.