I am in Bali. For the first time in my life I am trying snorkelling. I am looking at the coral reef and beautiful species of fish, entire schools are passing by. I spot a turtle from time to time. I am perplexed by that fairytale , underwater world. I am perfectly happy.

Suddenly my thoughts are going  back to one of the cities I used to live in. I’m walking with a friend and I am repeating the dialogue in my head , looking for counterarguments , wondering what I could have changed back then. It is not travelling in time and space. It was my mind which has travelled from Bali to the heart of London and has pointlessly started to process the past.

It looks like one can be in a paradise but instead of being “here and now” thinking about stories from the past or worring about the future. Does that sound familiar? We all happen not to be in the present and think about everything but not the moment we are in.

Following this situation I have decided to improve my knowledge about mindfulness and turn theory into practice.  That is where the idea of Ambient Travels stemmed from.  The idea of a company which will not only arrange your trip but also help you fully experience the reality that surrounds you.


We  believe in the magic of the places. We believe, that when in Paris you don’t have to queue to see Mona Lisa or run from one sight to another. Whilst in Paris sit in a local cafe, turn off your mobile and enjoy your coffee. We want to introduce you to conscious travelling,  in which you are here and now, you make the most of the place’s potential,  you get to know new tastes , music and nature. We love simplicity, natural food, beautiful design, hidden paths.


Why organise everything on your own? Let us take care of it for you and gain your time back. If you wish to experience some unforgettable moments,  if you share similar values and appreciate time spent in a spirit of mindfulness you are in a good place!!!



Justine is the mastermind behind Ambient Travels. She combined her passion, experience and beliefs to show you the new way of travelling.

Justine Lisbeth


Justine comes from Poland, studied in Germany, lived in UK for a while and is currently based in Spain. She likes to challenge herself and discover new places,  she moves around often calling herself Miss Suitcase.

Instead of collecting stuff she prefers to collect memories and photos. The pictures which you can see on our website and social media were taken by her.

Justine loves to travel, she visited 26 countries and 187 cities so far. Her most memorable travel experience was staying for few days in the middle of the Amazon Jungle as she loves nature.